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[Korea Investment Holdings] Congratulations Hunsun Jong

Congratulations Hunsun Jong! We are thrilled to announce that Hunsun has joined Korea Investment Holdings' Global Research team. Hunsun majors in Mathematics at Hanyang University.

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[BNP Paribas] Congratulations Dabin Kim

Congratulations Dabin Kim! We are thrilled to announce that Dabin has accepted an offer to join BNP Paribas as a Global Market Rates Trader in their Seoul office. Dabin is a principal at FBA Quant, w

[Koscom] Yubin Oh

Congratulations Yubin Oh! We are thrilled to announce that Yubin is interning at Koscom, an IT infrastructure subsidiary of Korea Exchange (KRX). Yubin's principle role includes research and data scie

[Mirae Asset Global Investments] Hobin Kwak

Congratulations Hobin Kwak! We are thrilled to announce that Hobin is interning at Mirae Asset Global Investments' AI Financial Engineering team. Hobin is a Principal at FBA Quant.


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